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Les commentaires de poserpike

  • La Bourse | 30-May-18 |

    Nous venons depuis des années dans ce restaurant et avons toujours apprécié les employés et la nourriture.
    Ce soir nous avons remarquer que tout avait changer.
    Les employés ne s'intéressait pas à ses clients et les filets de perches étaient froids et sans gout.
    Nous avons été très décu de notre repas, et ne reviendront malheureusement plus ici !!!!!!!
    We have been coming here for 25 years and now all the personnel and the owner have changed I guess.
    This is the worst experience we have had there as follows
    Sat down and waited an age before a waitress arrived and took a drink order
    Then she came back eventually and took our food order and that was the last we saw of her.
    Salad was good as ever
    Then the filet de perche arrived extremely late and there were more greasy chips than you have ever seen and way less perche than you would expect
    And that was it
    Rubbish service and for the second helping of the perch my son went and got it himself

  • La Bonne Affaire | 30-May-18 |

  • Le Relais de l'Entrecôte | 05-Sep-14 |

    Feel free to pass this email on to friends or colleagues, which I am sure you will. I went to meet a friend at the Relais de l'Entrecote today for lunch. It was pouring with rain just as I arrived and I went inside and asked the head waitress for a table for 2. She asked me if my friend was there too and I said that he would be there in a couple of minutes. She then told me that she could not seat me until we were both there and that I would have to wait outside !!!!!!! I told her that this was unbelievable and that I had been coming to the restaurant for 22 years (even went there yesterday) and this was a first. She told me I would have to ask the owner for an exception. I even know the head waitress and she welcomed me in ! Suffice it to say I told her to forget it and said that I had never heard such nonsense and would never come back again. I also suggested she check Trip Advisor. I don't know about you but that is a first for me in my life. Enjoy.

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